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Fish Maw, Conch, and Scallop Soup. (花胶瑶柱炖鸡汤)

Fish Maw, Conch, and Scallop Soup. (花胶瑶柱炖鸡汤)

Fish Maw, Conch, and Scallop Soup in Slow-Cooker

Serves 6


  • 80 g Fish Maw (80克花胶)
  • 6 pieces of Japanese scallop (6 粒北海道干贝)
  • 1/2 piece (30 g) conch meat (30克螺肉)
  • 2 pieces (750 g) chicken legs, blanched (750克鸡腿)
  • 1 piece (300 g) of lean pork (300克豬瘦肉)
  • 1 tbsp Goji berry (1 汤匙枸杞)
  • 2 L of water (水 2L)


  1. Soak fish maw in water for 12 hours or overnight. It is ready when the middle is soft. If not, soak for a few more hours. 用水浸泡花膠 12小时. 如果还是硬再泡几个小时至軟身.
  2. Then use some ginger slices to boil it for about 15 minutes to remove any fishy odour. 把水煮沸,放入薑,加入花膠汆水15分鐘,除腥味.
  3. Blanch chicken & pork meat. 将鸡腿和豬瘦肉出水.
  4. Place fish maw, conch, scallop, chicken, and water in the slow cooker. 把所有材料放入慢炖锅. 加入2升水.
  5. Cook on HIGH for 2 hours. Then cook on LOW for another 5 hours. 用大火煲1小時,然後轉慢火煲多5小時
  6. 10 minutes before serving, add goji berries and season with salt. 最後10分才加入鹽調味及枸杞.
  7. Cut fish maw into 6 pieces. Place fish maw and scallop into each bowl and top with goji berries. 把花膠切成六片和干贝一起放进碗里。

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