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Nv Er Hong : How to use / consume?

Nv Er Hong : How to use / consume?


女儿红 Nv Er Hong, when translated it literally means Daughter's Red. It is a metaphor to describe a girl when she has reached her maturity and is ready to wed. 

In Shao Xing China, it is customary practice for the father with a newborn daughter to brew and ferment rice wines in a huge ceramic jars and store them in a wall. On the day of the daughter's marriage, the wall is then broken down to retrieve the aged wine. They are used as a part of the daughter's dowry, representing the father's deepest love for his daughter. 

With red as the main colour of the packaging, it is commonly used as an auspicious gift during festive seasons and wedding ceremonies. 

How to consume:

The alcohol percentage is relatively low so it goes really well with Chinese food, especially seafood.

The traditional way of drinking it is, to warm it up in a vessel (like how you would warm sake) and submerge them in a pot of water. Heat them up using low heat. It is optional to add ginger slices (to help with cold limbs) or red dates (tonify blood deficiency). 

Cooking with Nv Er Hong: 

The alcohol is very fragrant and rich in flavour. We recommend using it to marinate meat or to simply drizzle it over your seafood right before serving.

Our favourite is to pair them with charcoal baked crabs! 

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