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Dried Lotus Leaf 福建荷叶干

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Lotus is more than just a pretty flower, its been used in Chinese Medicine to treat various illnesses for thousands of years!Healthy Heart (Increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure) Reduces anxiety and stress Promotes healthy Liver functions Stopping internal bleeding (For Example: Urine in the blood) Treats diarrhea Treats ringworm Helps weight Loss by increasing metabolism Has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.There are even studies showing how lotus leaves hen used with L-carnitine (something that helps the body turn fat into energy) can treat weight problems! Looks like with these two things combined, fatty tissues weren’t even able to form! Lotus leaves were specially good with preventing people from gaining weight and absorbing carbohydrates and fats which then becomes energy. 

荷叶产于湖南、福建、江苏、浙江、南方各地。夏季采摘。鲜用或晒干用。烹饪原料。取其清香,增味解腻。常用作包烤或包菜肴,如荷叶蒸鸡或包米作荷叶饭等。 荷叶的功效与作用 性平;味苦;归肝、脾、胃经。 功效 清热解暑,升发清阳,凉血止血。用于:暑热烦渴,暑湿泄泻,脾虚泄泻,血热吐衄,便血崩漏。荷叶炭收涩化瘀止血。用于多种出血症及产后血晕。在夏天以及秋天的时候,由于气候属于暑湿的情况,如果饮食方面不更加的注意,很容易出现呕吐、腹泻的情况,并且粪便颜色表现为黄色,但是更加的臭味难闻。这个时候想要令身体恢复健康,可以服用将荷叶泡水喝,能够起到很好的止泻以及补助脾胃的作用,身体也可以清暑利湿,拉肚子的情况自然而然就消失了。除了直接用开水冲泡这种方法之外,也可以将荷叶焖炒成灰,然后研磨成为粉末用白糖冲服,每天服用三次,很快就能够恢复健康了。

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