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Qingfei Paidu (Detoxification Medicinal Herb Pack) 清肺排毒汤 210g

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Description: Based on the herbal mixture of Qing Fei Paidu Herbal Tea concocted by TCM practitioners in China. Administered and published on China's National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. THIS IS A MEDICINAL HERBAL PACK, PLEASE CONSULT PHYSICIAN / DOCTOR BEFORE CONSUMING. 

  • This tea is used in TCM to ease cough, phlegm, asthma, or other related discomfort caused by dampness and heat.

  • Ingredients: Ephedra, Gypsum, Alisma, Poria, Ginger Pinellia, Coltsfoot, Chinese Yam, Agastache, Roasted Licorice, Polyporus, Bupleurum, Ginger, Shegan, Citrus aurantium, Almond, Cinnamon, Atractylodes, Scutellaria, Aster, Asarum, Tangerine Peel

  • Cooking Method:
    1) Pour 1.5L - 2L of water in a pot
    2) Then cook the raw (gypsum) for 15 minutes (for those without a fever, the amount of gypsum is halved)
    3) Pour the rest of the herbs into the pot and continue boiling for 45 minutes. 
    4) Separate the concoction into 2 portion, drinking them 1 bowl in the morning, 1 bowl in the evening (After meal). 

  • CAUTION:  Not suitable for pregnant / breastfeeding moms or children below age of 12. Please consult your physician for personalized medical advice. DO NOT MIX WITH ANY OTHER MEDICATION. 

  • CAUTION: After drinking, symptoms of rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, and numbness may occur, which are affected by the ingredients of the medicinal ephedra. Please follow the dosage recommended by your physician.

  • 配方:麻黄,生石膏,泽泻,茯苓,姜半夏,款冬花,山药,藿香,炙甘草,猪苓,柴胡,生姜,射干,枳实,杏仁,桂枝,白术,黄芩,紫菀,细辛,陈皮

  • 烹煮方法: 1. 把1.5-2L的水倒入锅中 2. 然后把生(石膏)先煮十五分钟(无发烧者石膏分量减半) 3. 再把其余的药材也倒入锅中 4. 煲45分钟  每天一付,分早晚两次服用(饭后四十分钟), 温服,三付一个疗程。由于我们面对的客户,一般是采取保健防治之用,医师有考虑到其中一些成分不能放得太多,比如麻黄、生石膏、藿香等之类的药材,份量太重有些人的体质可能会承受不了,而引起不适。

  • 🈲  孕妇、哺乳女士、婴儿不宜饮用。 这是治疗药方,不适合加入菜肉等食物烹煮喔! 饮用之后可能会出现心跳加速、汗多、麻麻的症状,这是受到药材麻黄成份的影响。不必太担心。 请遵照医师建议用量,不要贪心一下喝太多喔!

  • Information above are all translated from the China's National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine website. Please refer to the website for more information.
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