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American Ginseng 美国花旗参 150g

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Increases energy and concentration, has anti-aging effects. Root considered demulcent, tonic. Research suggests it may increase mental efficiency and physical performance and aid in adapting to high or low temperatures and stress. Ginseng's effect is called "adaptogenic": tending to return the body to normal while increasing resistance to adverse influences on the body. American ginseng differs from Korean and Chinese panax ginseng in its cooling properties.

  • Traditionally, ginseng root is double boiled together with chicken or old hen to make a soup.
  • Alternatively, many choose to brew ginseng tea. It an excellent substitute for coffee to produce natural energy and improve concentration.
  • There are many other ways to consume ginseng such as in capsules, powder, energy drinks, and candy.
  • 花旗參主要產於美國和加拿大。
  • 花旗參分為野生、半野生、移種等,其中細分為:大泡、中泡、小泡、長枝、短枝、切片和新鮮花旗參等。
  • 因水土和氣候等問題,最受廣大客戶喜愛的是美國威斯康新州的花旗參。
  • 為適應市場不同需求,逐漸出現由花旗參加工成的各種商品應運而生。其中包括:花旗參糖、花旗參茶、花旗參粉、花旗參膠囊等等。
  • 另外,純正野生花旗參是指沒有人為干預而自然生長并採摘的天然人參,並且收穫的野生人參其生長期必須是在五年或以上。



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