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Body Cooling Soup 灯心草麦冬玉竹降火汤

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配料:灯心草、麦冬、玉竹,枸杞。 适合心情烦躁、容易上火,睡眠不足的人群饮用,尤其适合积热不安,脾气暴躁的,1岁以上儿童饮用。清心火,祛烦躁,养阴生津,清心润肺。


猪骨洗净(推荐用脊骨或者扇子骨,用纯瘦肉也可以),焯水。蜜枣、灯心草、麦冬、玉竹 泡洗干净。将以上材料和姜片一同入锅,加适量清水,熬煮1~2个小时,出锅前半小时加入枸杞即可。

Suitable for cooling the body during heaty seasons after consuming a lot of fried/oily food.

Methods to boil:

Wash and blanch pork bones. Soak and clean honey dates, light rush, ophiopogon, soloman seal. Put all ingredients in pot to boil with some ginger slices for 2 hours. Half an hour before serving, add goji berries to the soup to boil.

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