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Dendrobium Nobile Lindl (Shi Hu) 石斛

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Dendrobium Nobile, also known as the Noble Dendrobium or Shi Hu in Pinyin, has been used for the medicinal purpose for at least 2,000 years. The evidence is the related record in “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”, which was written 2300 to 2780 years ago (the Warring States Period). This is a rare and precious Chinese herb and the main medicinal part is the stem. It usually grows atop the perpendicular cliff walls and is exposed to the moisture of dew and rain as well as to the essence of the sun and moon throughout the year. Thanks for that, TCM believes that it owns such rich and balanced pharmaceutical ingredients that it can be used clinically in the treatment of a variety of disorders, such as chronic pharyngitis, gastrointestinal disease, eye disease, thrombotic occlusive disease, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and so on.

石斛(学名:Dendrobium nobile Lindl),又名仙斛兰韵、不死草、还魂草、紫萦仙株、吊兰、林兰、禁生、金钗花等。茎直立,肉质状肥厚,稍扁的圆柱形,长10~60厘米,粗达1.3厘米。药用植物,性味甘淡微咸,寒,归胃、肾,肺经。益胃生津,滋阴清热。用于阴伤津亏,口干烦渴,食少干呕,病后虚热,目暗不明。石斛花姿优雅,玲珑可爱,花色鲜艳,气味芳香,養肝護肝:《本草綱目》記載,氣味:甘、平、無毒。主治:傷中,除痹下氣,補五臟虛勞羸瘦,強陰益精。久服,厚腸胃。本經補內絕不足,平胃氣,長肌肉,逐皮膚邪熱疿氣,腳膝疼冷痹弱,定志除驚。輕身延年。別錄益氣除熱,治男子腰腳軟弱,健陽,逐皮肌風痹,骨中久冷,補腎益力。權壯筋骨,暖水髒,益智清氣。日華治發熱自汗,癰疽排膿內塞。鐵皮石斛具有補五臟、厚腸胃、強陰益精的功能。鐵皮石斛含有豐富的多糖類物質,食用後在胃部產生一種保護膜,減少酒精對胃的破壞,同時增強肝臟的代謝功能,通過體內進行調和,將酒性化解,讓酒醉的人恢復較快。

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