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Four Treasure Ginseng Powder 特级四宝参粉 40g

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  • Ingredients: American Ginseng + Notoginseng + Salvia Root + Dendrobium

  • Caution:
    - Pregnant women, Young children (below 13 years old),  patients who are generally weak with constant cold limbs, and people with allergies should not take it. 

    - If you are experiencing cold, fever, menstrual period, please postpone consumption and speak with your physician before consuming. 

    - Not to be taken with hellebore, radish and tea.

    - Always seek advise from medical practitioners and speak with your physician before consuming any herbal medicine. 

  • 花旗參粉、田七、石斛、丹參
  • 功效:益氣提神、活血通絡、降血壓、調血脂、養肝益腎、防止心腦血脈阻塞、提高人體免疫功能[強]有效擴張冠狀動脈、增加冠狀動脈的血流量,降低血液黏稠度,輔助治療冠心病、糖尿病、高血壓、高血脂等,對具有或是潛在的三高人群或心血管症狀人群具有保健作用.

  • 四宝粉服用方法 在实际用量与配伍方面需要更加个人症状与医生建议服用,一般而言,每天早晚各一次,每次5克左右,用温水送服。

  •  四宝粉注意事项:
    - 孕妇、幼儿、阳虚怕冷、体质特别虚弱、过敏人群不宜服用    
    - 感冒、发烧、经期须推后再用,不宜过量服用;
    - 不宜与藜芦、萝卜、茶同服。
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