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Fresh Sticky Caramel Rice Cake/ Nian Gao/ 'Kuih Bakul' 年糕

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Nian Gao, New Year Cake, 'Kuih bakul' or in English, Glutinous rice cake is a must-have to usher in Chinese New Year. It is soft, sticky and delicious. It is eaten all year round but most popular during the Chinese New Year. It is considered good luck to eat nian gao during this time as it has the symbolism of raising oneself taller in each coming year (年年高升) 

This Sticky Caramel Rice Cake is homemade fresh from Sg Petani and suitable for consumption as it is not overly sweet and very fragrant from the caramel and banana leaf.

Storage: Brush a thin layer of oil on the surface of the rice cake to prevent it from cracking. It is also best to keep the Rice cake with a food grade silica gel pack to prevent moisture that would encourage mold growth.

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