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Fried Pork Tendon 炸猪脚筋 100g

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Type:Fried Pork Tendon 

Nett Weight:100g 

吃猪脚筋的功效: 猪脚筋中含有一些大分子物质如胶原蛋白质、氨基酸等,可以帮助人体补充合成蛋白质,并且还能增强肌肉的弹力,增强体力。据研究表明,长期使用鱼鳔能促进生长发育,消除疲劳,滋润皮肤,增强人体抵抗能力,有着延缓衰老和抵御癌症的功效。 吃猪脚筋的好处: 促进生产发育,富含胶原蛋白,而胶原蛋白是人生长发育的必备物质,可以有效的帮助青少年生长发育。
Contains rich proteins and nutrients such as phosphor and calcium. It nourishes yin, replenishes kidney and boosts stamina. It is effective in healing weak lung and kidney, anemia, etc. It is suitable for consumption by any age group of either gender and is a kind of therapeutic food. The most important of all is that it contains high viscosity gel protein and mucopolysaccharide which are important to ladys skincare and capable of preserving fine complexion and invigorating blood circulation.

 How to store Fried Pork Tender: Store in cool and shaded area or refrigerated. 

How to prepare before cooking: 

It require pre-soaking before cooking. - Soak Fried Pork Tender in fresh water for about 10-15 minutes until it soften. Rinse with clean water and it is ready for cooking. - Soaked pork tender should be stored in the refrigerator at below 0 if not cooked.

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