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Red Ruby Scallop 200g

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Size: Approx. 10 cents

This brightly colored reddish orange dried scallop is a valuable scallop. Only one or two in a thousand is said to be found. 

Scallop develops a red color is due to pectenelone, the pigment that occurs widely naturally. Most likely, the scallop eats diatom (a species of plant plankton) that contains this pigment, which causes the coloring in the adductor muscle.

Pectenelone is a useful pigment with powerful antioxidative properties together with anticancer properties. The red ruby dried scallop and ordinary dried scallop are mostly no different in their content of crude protein, minerals, glycogen and free amino acids. 

These delicate red rubies are around 1cm in height and diameter and gives your dishes an amazing dash of colour. 

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