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Sarawak White Pepper 砂拉越白胡椒粒

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White peppercorns are actually a byproduct of a black peppercorn. When mature, black peppercorns are soaked in running water and the outer layer is rubbed away, a white peppercorn with subtler flavor results. Loved by the French, these are ground and used for cream sauces and clear broths. 

All true peppercorns come from the plant family Piperaceae and contain a pungent and aromatic flavor. These Sarawak peppercorns from Malaysia are large with a robust flavor and uniform white color. 


白胡椒性温热,善于驱寒,对胃寒所致的胃腹冷痛、肠鸣腹泻等有很好的缓解作用,同时可以发汗,对于治疗风寒感冒有很好的效果,其芳香的气味也能令人们胃口大开,增进食欲。除此之外, 有胡椒的菜肴不易变质,说明胡椒还有防腐抑菌的作用,而且可以用它解鱼虾肉毒。

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