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Voikon-1 Herbal Tea 粤抗1号 清火补肺凉茶 88g

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  • Based on the herbal mixture of Voikon-1 Herbal Tea concocted by TCM practitioners in China. 
  • This tea is used in TCM to ease cough, phlegm, asthma, or other related discomfort caused by dampness and heat.
  • Ingredients: Wu Zhi Mao Tao Root, Job's Tear (Adlay Millet), Poria Root, Chinese Knotweed (Polygonum Chinense), Atractylodes lancea (Cang Zhu), Agastache Rugosa, Licorice.
  • Storage Method: Freshly packed, keep refridgerated.

  • How to cook:
    -  Boil the herbs for 30 minutes and drink the herbal soup 40 minutes after meal.

  • CAUTION: Not suitable for pregnant / breastfeeding moms or children below age of 12. Please consult your physician for personalized medical advice.

  • 基于中国中医师调制的 Voikon-1 凉茶的草药混合物. 这种茶在中医中用于缓解由湿热引起的咳嗽、痰、哮喘或其他相关不适。
  • 配方: 五指毛桃, 有机薏米仁, 白茯苓, 火碳母, 炒苍术, 藿香, 甘草
  • 储存方法:  新鲜包装。冷藏或置放阴凉处保存。

  • 五指毛桃:镇咳、袪痰、平喘
    白茯苓:停聚化生痰, 健脾作用
    火炭母:咽喉肿痛, 肺热咳嗽

  •  烹煮方法:
    - 煎煮30分钟,饭后40分钟服用。

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