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Wild Bamboo Shoot 野生竹笙 50g

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  • Bamboo fungus is a mushroom which grow on bamboo plants.
  • The color ranges from off-white to pale brown. When dried, it resembles miniature loofah sponges.
  • It contains essential amino acids and multiple vitamins that considered the most medical valued food.
  • Bamboo fungus is high in protein, low fat, and has 8 kinds of amino acids that human body needs
  • It is good for eyes and lung
  • It could help lose weight, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol level and prevent cancer.
  • 竹笙是中國名貴山珍,形態怡麗,清香襲人;
  • 名列“四珍”——竹笙、猴頭、香菇、銀耳之首;
  • 它具有延長湯羹等食品存放時間、保持菜餚鮮味不腐不餿的功能;
  • 竹笙曾被列為帝王御膳,現在則是國宴不可缺少的山珍。
  • 竹笙還有豐富的氨基酸、維生素、無機鹽等,具有滋補強腦、凝神健體的功效;
  • 可補充人體所需的營養物質,提高人體免疫力、抗病能力;
  • 保護肝臟,減少腹壁脂肪積存,從而有降血壓、降血脂和減肥的效果;
  • 所含多糖是高活性大分子物質,在抗腫瘤,降血糖方面有一定的幫助。
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