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YXK Premium Freeze Dried Gojiberry 一心康冻干枸杞 45g

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  • Product Features:

    - 100% pure and original
    - 100% do not contain any preservative, colouring, fragrance
    - 100% premium big sized Gojiberry
    - 100% Good taste, colour distinct

  • Our own freeze-drying technology efficiently retains active nutrients

  • Storage method: Keep in dry condition

  • Our Goji Berry originated from the Ningxia, Zhongning, deemed to have health preservation effect:

    ✅Improving eyesight

    ✅Improving blood sugar, lowering blood lipid and blood pressure

    ✅Protecting liver

    ✅Improving sleep quality

    ✅Hematopoietic effect, which can improve anemia

    ✅Beauty preservation, anti-aging effect

    ✅Nourishing Yin and the "qi" of kidney

  • Our freeze-dried Goji Berry has international certifications: SGS、FDA、ISO22000、KOSHER

  • ✨It is advisable to consume 7-8 gojiberries directly per day
    ✨It could be used in our daily cooking as well, such as making soup, porridge, stir-fry etc.
    ✨Pure and strong wolfberry sweet taste
    ✨Suitable for adults, children, and elderly people

  • 特点: 100% 纯、香 100% 不添加防腐剂、色素、香精 100% 粒粒分明,粒粒big size 100% 口感好,色泽鲜明 自家的冻干技术高效保留了活性营养成分 在干燥的情况下,保质期更长

  • 我们的枸杞来自正宗宁夏中宁的药用枸杞 具有很强大的保健作用 有效帮助: ✅明目护眼 ✅改善血糖,降血脂、血压 ✅保肝护肝 ✅提高睡眠素质 ✅具有造血作用,能改善贫血

  • ✨1天7-8粒,开罐直接吃,非常方便 ✨味道纯正浓厚,甜甜枸杞味 ✨非常适合大人小孩、长辈们食用 ✨可以煲汤、熬粥、炒菜等

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